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West Winds - The monthly message from Interim Chancellor Doris Ching

West Winds

December 2016

40th birthday cake

About 250 students, alums, and current and retired faculty and staff celebrated UH West O‘ahu’s 40th birthday in the courtyard last week with cake, ice cream, balloons, and miniature pennants! Emeritus Chancellor Dr. Rockne Freitas—in full formal attire of a t-shirt tuxedo and top hat—led the singing of “Happy Birthday to You!” The spirit of pride and loyalty in our alma mater is alive and well after forty years!

Chancellor Emeritus Rockne Freitas and staff at the 40th birthday celebration.

UH West O‘ahu was established in 1976, the same year as Apple. Indeed, 1976 was a banner year for both UH West O‘ahu and Apple! UHWO is proud to share its inaugural year with Apple as both institutions celebrate their 40th anniversary this year! While UHWO and Apple knew the significance of their respective founding, each did not realize just how important they would become to their constituents. In different and significant ways, both UH West O‘ahu and Apple created a different, exciting, and productive world for those who made UHWO and Apple their resource of choice. Apple touts four decades of ideas, innovation, and culture to change the world with its revolutionary products. UHWO celebrates four decades of quality teaching-learning, innovation, and creativity to change the lives of its students with its focus on robust educational experiences that prepare students to contribute significantly to their communities, economically and socially, and to have the skills to respond successfully to this rapidly changing world.

Students, faculty and staff enjoy cake during UHWO 40th birthday party.

So, what’s ahead in the next 40 years? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak projects that Apple will continue to be relevant and strong in the field. Excited and optimistic about Apple’s future, he is proud that Apple has stayed "itself" over 40 years.

Our wonderful facilities and grounds staff.

There is no question that the next four decades will be bright and productive for UH West O‘ahu with ongoing growth in student enrollment and an ever-relevant and dynamic curriculum. Monitored and adapted by its faculty, who are known to be responsive and timely to the workforce needs of the community, UH West O‘ahu will expand current programs and develop new applied programs that address the needs of the rapidly changing world, while integrating the liberal arts with professional and applied fields. UHWO’s focus on developing life-long learners proves to be a key to our graduates’ ability to adjust in relevance and adaptability to the ever-changing world of work and career.

UH West O‘ahu’s proven strength that makes it the spirited and dynamic place of student learning and development it is known to be are its dedicated faculty and staff in all corners of the campus. From groundskeepers and custodians, to clerical and support staff, to professorial faculty and instructors and lecturers, to mid-level managers and executive leaders—all persons clearly demonstrate balancing high knowledge and high touch skills that result in knowledgeable, creative students and an energized campus. Our personnel are special. You are all super-heroes. You are the reasons I see a clear path of success over the next 40 years. Congratulations, UH West O‘ahu! I wish you — and Apple — four more decades of prosperity and progress!