West Winds

September 2015

Following last month’s announcement of my retirement on December 31, 2015, many have inquired about the transition and succession plan in the coming months. The decision about who will be your next Chancellor rests with UH President David Lassner, who has stated previously that he intends to solicit feedback from our campus going forward.

To ease this transitory period, we are in the process of filling our leadership roles. The positions for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (AVCAA), Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA), and Vice Chancellor for Administration (VCA) are all in active stages of the search process; be it recruitment, interviews, or campus visits.

In fact, the final two candidates for VCAA are on campus this week to meet with students, faculty, and staff. Last week, Dr. James Dire and Dr. Norman Wright were here on their official visits. This week, Dr. Jeffrey Moniz and Dr. Joe Delap will visit. View all of the candidates’ bios and visit schedules here: http://www.uhwo.hawaii.edu/academics/office-of-the-vice-chancellor-for-academic-affairs/candidates/.

I should take this time to acknowledge and thank our current senior administration – interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Doris Ching; interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Judy Oliveira; and interim Vice Chancellor for Administration, Kathy Wong-Nakamura. Their tireless efforts to ensure that the campus continues to find success in existing and new initiatives and programs is notable and should be recognized by our entire campus.

At the same time, it is the work of our students, faculty, and staff that enable our campus to flourish. One of the strengths of this campus is our inclusiveness, transparency, and reliance on open discussion in decision-making processes. We rely on cross-campus representation and consultation on our campus committees and feedback from those who are not serving on committees. This level of shared governance depends heavily on your input, and I appreciate your willingness to inform and help us to continuously improve. I am confident that this practice can and will strengthen our campus, even through leadership changes and times of transition.

During my final months on this campus and within the University system, I intend to continue to serve our campus by pursuing various methods of support and partnerships from our community. Look for exciting news soon!

My commitment to this campus remains steadfast.