West Winds

May 2015

Close up of ti leafIt’s a little known fact that some of the ti leaf plants in our campus organic garden were donated from the beautiful, staff-designed floral arrangements that adorn the commencement stage. The decorations committee has donated ti leaf plants used during previous commencement exercises since the opening of our campus in 2012.

Some of their clippings may even be used in the floral arrangements for this semester’s commencement.

In much the same way, the UH West Oʻahu education that our students receive is like our organic garden – where plants can flourish and grow, and then give back in a productive and sustainable cycle.

Ideally, the education that our students receive and the connections that they make while attending UH West Oʻahu will help them in their careers and lives as they serve their respective communities. Hopefully, their pride in a UH West Oʻahu degree will lead them to give back to this institution, in the way that the ti leaf plants will for many years and commencements to come.

Ti leaf with Hale in the backgroundThe organic garden features ti leaf plants with a variety of colors, from deep purple to the more familiar green. Some are thriving as large plants filled with leaves, others that were planted recently are merely a foot tall. It is reflective of the diversity of our own students – students who are prepared to go out and show the world what their talents and a UH West Oʻahu degree represents. Congratulations to our spring 2015 candidates for graduation.

Congratulations and mahalo also goes out to their family, friends, and loved ones who supported their higher education journey, as well as the faculty and staff members who nurtured them in preparation for the next exciting phase of their lives.