West Winds

February 2015

            We’re a few weeks into the 2015 Legislative Session, and the UH West Oʻahu Administration is busy monitoring the bills that will impact UH West Oʻahu either directly or indirectly to ensure that our campus is in the best position to provide top-notch services for our students, faculty, staff, and community.

            UH West Oʻahu is requesting $1.725 million in general funds for fiscal year 2015-2016. The request for 2016-2017 is $1.795 million. With these funds, we can expand our programs and services.

            We are also asking for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding for the construction of our Science/Tech/Creative Media building ($21.5 million) and an update of our Long Range Development Plan ($700,000) in 2015-2016. Additionally, we’re requesting $2 million for the design of a Professional Studies Building in 2016-2017.

            We will keep you apprised of our budget requests and any other bills that impact UH West Oʻahu, and update you following the Legislative Session in May.

Hawaii Tokai International College

            UH West Oʻahu recently signed an agreement with Hawaiʻi Tokai International College, establishing an academic partnership between the two universities. The partnership pledges that both universities will:

  • Participate in the joint delivery of courses and programs
  • Share academic resources
  • Participate in collaborative research and publication
  • Participate in the joint organization of special technical and administrative programs
  • Provide UH West Oʻahu and Tokai students opportunities to take credit courses at the other campus

            Tokai students will utilize services on our campus, including the library, where they will be able to use space, group study rooms, and computers, and borrow books as well. At our bookstore, Tokai students can purchase and rent books. IT is working toward providing Tokai students with wireless connectivity on our campus. Da Spot and our Food Services department are making sure that the students will be fed.

            Thanks go out (but are not limited) to Academic Program Officer Sherry Proper, Library Director Sarah Gilman Sur, Bookstore Manager Kory Uramoto-Wong, IT Director Kathy Wong-Nakamura, and Director of Food Services John Murakami for their collaboration with Tokai.

            Additionally, to support Tokai and other future international students, a new International Committee has recently formed at UH West Oʻahu that consists of faculty, staff, and students.  One of the main goals of the committee is to work closely with Tokai to identify more programs and services that can be shared by our two institutions.  This is an evolving initiative and campus input and participation are welcome.  We look forward to ongoing discussions that will lead to more opportunities for all students.

Chancellor Rockne Freitas and Tokai University Chancellor Kiyoshi Yamada

WASC Update

            Later this month, UH West Oʻahu representatives and members of the Senior Administration team are participating in a WASC Commission Meeting to discuss our November WASC Visit and the ensuing WASC report. We hope to deliver good news to you following that meeting.

Continuing Changes

            Vice Chancellor for Administration, Donna Kiyosaki, has accepted a position as the Associate Vice President for Administration at the UH System. Congratulations Donna! We know you will be looking out for UH West Oʻahu from Manoa. Donna starts at her new position in mid-February, and will be missed. We are working to fill her position. As I’ve said before, we are expediently addressing Donna’s and the other administrative vacancies to maintain consistent campus operations, which we can do if we continue to focus on our goals of increasing our student-centered environment, student retention and graduation rates, enrollment, programs, resources, campus community involvement, and morale.

            The position description for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will be posted later this month, following consultation with various constituencies around our campus.

UH Strategic Directions

            Last month, the Board of Regents endorsed the UH System’s Strategic Directions, 2015-2021. Our own Strategic Plan is in alignment with the Strategic Directions, which can be viewed here.

            As a reminder, the four strategic directions outlined below describe the university’s priorities for 2015–2021.

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

            Speaking of the Strategic Plan, the committee that is working on the implementation phase of the plan held its first meeting late last month. They are meeting to formulate the plan that will carry out the goals and initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan. The members of the committee are: Sherry Proper, Chair; Doris Ching; Wendy Tatsuno (Chancellor’s Office); Donna Kiyosaki (VCA); Judy Oliveira (VCSA); Leslie Rush (BUSA); David Kupferman (Education); Ross Prizzia (PUBA); Stan Orr (Humanities); Fenny Cox (Math/Science); Masahide Kato (Social Science); Melissa Saul (Student Affairs); Sarah Gilman Sur (Library, Nalimakui Council); Margy Ledward (Student Affairs); Jacque Honda (Institutional Effectiveness); Loke Kenolio (Student Affairs, Noeau Center); Stefanie Wilson (BUSA – Strategic Management expertise); and Brandy Lolotai (Student).

            The timeline for completion is this semester, with a collaborative and inclusive process that may include participation from students, faculty, and staff who are not serving on the committee. The committee will identify offices and/or positions that are responsible for different areas of the implementation process.


            Congrats to business administration students Val Torikawa-Domingo, Brittiney Santiago, and Jennie Ann Christman, who won the Association of Government Accountants’ (AGA) Finance Case Challenge competition. Their faculty advisory is Associate Professor of Accounting, Dr. Franklin Kudo.

Chancellor Freitas, Dr. Franklin Kudo, and students Val Torikawa-Domingo, Jennie Ann Christman, and Brittiney Santiago.