March 2014

March 2014

A major part of what makes our campus so special are the faculty and staff members who strive to make UH West O‘ahu a better place. Various groups of such dedicated workers are convening to tackle matters contained in a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) letter of concern issued in 2012.

To further aid that effort, UH West O‘ahu has requested 3.5 million and 89 positions from the Legislature to convert temporary and Title III positions to permanent, and new faculty and student support positions to address WASC’s concerns. With this funding, the campus can move forward with initiatives to increase student success, continue to provide access to a quality education for underserved communities in Central and Leeward O‘ahu, and support our growing campus.

Currently, UH West O‘ahu receives 3,337 per student in state support, compared to UH Mānoa’s 8,730 and 6,903 at UH Hilo. Enrollment on our campus continues to be healthy and we would like to be able to provide quality services to our students to ensure that their experience at UH West O‘ahu is a positive one.

We have many programs around the campus that we are proud of: the Kealaikahiki Native Hawaiian Program and the No‘eau Center for Writing, Math and Academic Success provide students with academic support. This spring, UH West O‘ahu introduced new concentrations in middle-level and secondary education in its Bachelor of Education degree. Our library, which houses the Giugni Archives, is a warm and inviting space that provides students with an area to study or decompress.

To continue to grow, we need additional resources and your support as the Legislature considers our request. The funding is a necessity as we strive to provide our students with a well-rounded experience.