Computer Requirements

Most classes at UH West O‘ahu incorporate online components to teach or enhance the course content. Most commonly, classes will use Laulima, the course management system used across the UH system. So whether your classes are online, hybrid, or in-person, be prepared by making sure your computer meets all minimum requirements before classes begin!

Laulima can be accessed from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you have access to the appropriate equipment and software. See below for the minimum requirements needed for a successful online experience.

For any course at UH West O‘ahu with online components, you need:

  1. Windows (preferred) or Macintosh based computer with the capability to run a web browser (such as Firefox), media software (such as RealPlayer), other application software and/or plug-ins needed to access or run content (such as Adobe Reader or Java), and play audio/sound. Check the comments in the Schedule of Classes for special requirements for courses. If you are purchasing a computer, refer to these computer recommendations.
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide reliable broadband Internet service.
  3. Ability to access Laulima (online course management system) via web browser (Mozilla Firefox is recommended).
  4. Recent version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

In addition please:

  • Check the UHWO Schedule of Classes for any special or specific technology needs for the course and confirm and/or provide your computer with the requirements.
  • Check with the UHWO Bookstore for items that need to be purchased for the course such as access codes for software.
  • Maintain security standards for your computer including keeping up with operating system and anti-virus software updates.


  • Mobile devices such as phones or tablets are not considered reliable devices to use for courses with online components as they are unable to sufficiently run the applications required.
  • Do not depend on campus facilities for courses with online components. They may not meet the specific software requirements for your course and access to campus facilities is limited.

View the full policy: IT Requirements for UHWO Courses with Online Components