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The purpose of this form is to help OIE determine the priority of your request and acquire necessary information to fulfill it.


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Please describe the information or services that you are requesting and be as specific as possible (i.e. specify the population of interest such as undergraduate students or freshmen only; data retrieval period such as fall 2009 to fall 2014 semesters; type of survey to be administered or a description of the survey population if you are self-administering the survey, and any other relevant details that will help our office provide the appropriate information). In addition, please provide the purpose of your request (i.e. what will the data be used for) and justification for your request (i.e. is your request for compliance requirements, accreditation, self-improvement, etc).

Ad hoc requests for data are responded to on a case-by-case basis according to timing and workload. Follow-up questions and/or meetings may be required by OIE in order to fulfill your request. All agreed work requests will be completed by the scheduled deadline. Sensitive information will be handled following UH Executive Policy E2.214.

If available, please email any supporting documents to or use UH File Drop for large files and documents containing sensitive data.

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