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UHWO Factbook

"UHWO Factbook" is made available to provide a convenient source of information on many aspects of the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu. Data on admissions, enrollment, cost and aid, graduation and retention, and faculty and staff are included.

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UH West O‘ahu, the most recent addition to the UH system, opened its doors in January 1976 as West O‘ahu College. The name of the institution was changed to the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu by the Board of Regents in 1989.

UH West O‘ahu is a four-year, comprehensive university with an emphasis on baccalaureate education founded in the liberal arts, serving professional, career-related, and applied fields, based on State and regional needs. UH West O‘ahu is committed to providing access to residents throughout the State of Hawai‘i through its partnerships with the University of Hawai‘i community colleges and its delivery of distance education programs. UH West O‘ahu is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities.

UH West O‘ahu provides an environment for students and faculty to embark on a journey of discovery that improves the quality of life for our citizens. UH West O‘ahu has moved into a new phase of growth with the transition to a full four-year university in 2007. The expanded capacity allows UH West O‘ahu to serve both regional and statewide educational needs. The programs of the University are designed to be responsive to the needs of our students. UH West O‘ahu faculty are engaged in three basic types of activities: teaching, research, and service. Our staff and faculty are dedicated to the needs of students in the pursuit of their educational and professional goals through a curriculum emphasizing the humanities, social sciences and selected professional programs. The University’s curriculum offerings are founded on the principle that career training, the humanities, and social sciences are complementary.

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Total Applications by Selected Characteristics
First-Time Freshmen from Hawaii High Schools
Applications by Geographic Location
Historical Applications Processed

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Headcount Enrollment (Primary Majors) by Selected Characteristics
Headcount Enrollment by Primary Major and Educational Level
Headcount Enrollment by Primary Major, Gender & Ethnicity
Headcount Enrollment by Secondary Majors Historical
Enrollment Projections for the UHWO Campus
FTE Enrollment of Credit Students by Educational Level
Hawaiian Student Headcount Enrollment by Selected Characteristics
STEM Student Headcount Enrollment by Selected Characteristics
International Student Headcount Enrollment by Major
Transfer Students Entering UH West Oahu

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Cost & Aid

Tuition & Fees
Cost of Attendance

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Financial Aid

Historical Table of Student Financial Aid Award Report: Undergraduate Students
Detailed Table of Student Finanical Aid Award Report: Undergraduate Students
State and Institutional Grants and Scholarships
Pell Recipients Report
Student Financial Aid Assistance - Unmet Need Report
Student Loan Indebtness Report

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Master List of Curricula Offered
Academic Calendar, General Catalog & Courses
Course Registration Dynamic Reports (UH Login Required)
(Course Registration Dynamic Reports include listings of credit classes with student registrations. Reported by semester, division, subject, class section, and instructor. Data for primary/secondary concurrent and cross-listed classes are typically combined in the primary class. Used for official reporting purposes such as program reviews and accreditation.)


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Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Degrees and Certificates Awarded
Degrees Awarded by College, Degree, Gender, and Ethnicity (UH Login Required)
Historical Table of Degrees and Certificates Awarded by College

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Retention and Graduation Rates

Official Retention and Graduation Rates: First-Time Freshmen and Transfers, Full-Time and Part-Time
Average Graduation and Persistence Rates (Student Right-to-Know Data)

UH Login and Authorization Required for the Following Reports:
1-Year First-Time Full-Time Freshmen Retention Counts (UH Login Required)
1-Year First-Time Full-Time Undergraduate Transfer Retention Counts (UH Login Required)
First-Time Full-Time Freshmen Retained and Cumulative Graduated Counts (UH Login Required)
Undergraduate Transfers Retained and Cumulative Graduated Counts (UH Login Required)
WASC Graduation and Retention Tracking Data (First-Time Full-Time Freshmen, Fall 2009 Cohort)
WASC Graduation and Retention Tracking Data (Undergraduate Transfers, Fall 2011 Cohort)

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Faculty and Staff Headcounts

Number of Personnel and FTE by UH Campus

Selected Characterisitics of UH Instructional Staff (UHM, UHH, and UHWO)

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