2. Submit Your Intent to Register

Submitting your Intent to Register lets tells us that you plan to attend the university. It also allows you register for classes early as well as access academic advising - which is essential to helping you to become a more successful student. 


The tuition deposit of is waived if you have applied for financial aid (i.e. submitted a FAFSA). For those not receiving financial aid, the $100 deposit is applied toward your tuition balance after you have registered for classes. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another term, campus or student.


Submit your Statement of Intention to Register 


In submitting your Statement of Intent to Register Form, all Distance Learning students agree to the computer requirements and understand the course rotation of receiving online instruction. Students must have timely access to a computer and internet connection to participate in chat sessions and complete required assignments. To learn more about the computer and internet service requirements needed to participate in the program, visit the Online Student Tutorials.

Distance Learning Program courses are offered on a rotating basis. If students choose not to register for a certain course at the time it is offered, it may affect their eligibility to register for courses offered in subsequent semesters. Ultimately, this may delay the completion of their program requirements and graduation. Prerequisite courses are not offered every semester, so students are strongly encouraged to contact their faculty advisor or distance learning advisor regularly.