Freshman Cohort Schedules

Freshman Cohort Schedules are assigned to all new incoming freshmen for the fall 2014 semester. All full-time schedules include four traditional first year classes with a minimum of 12 credits. Students are allowed to add an additional class to their schedule after they attend orientation. If needed, students may change their schedule after August 3rd.

Only students who submit their intent-to-register, complete the COMPASS placement tests and submit their TB and MMR health clearances will be provided a Freshman Cohort Schedule when they attend orientation.

Freshman Cohort Schedules are only provided in the fall semester. Prior to registering for spring 2015, all freshmen will meet with their academic advisor to discuss their degree plans, review class offerings, and create an ideal class schedule.

The Purpose of Freshman Cohort Schedules

Providing new, first-time students with a cohort schedule of classes reduces anxiety during a critical adjustment period to college life. Although orientation helps students learn about the nuances of college life (degree requirements, buying books, library services, student support services, student life, etc.), there simply is not enough time over two days to adequately cover everything a student needs to know if they are preoccupied with trying to figure out how registration works.

The Freshman Cohort Schedules are designed to help students start on the right path towards graduation from the very beginning. The classes selected either fulfill a General Education or Focus requirement that is needed for their degree and may include preparatory math or English courses, depending on the results of their placement test. Specially designed Cohorts are also available for students who may have already declared a major so they can get an early start learning about their area of interest (e.g., Business, Health Care Administration, Education, etc). Additionally, the times and days of the week were carefully considered in order to create schedules that are best suited for our students to allow for studying, visiting the tutoring center, attending campus events, meeting with advisors and other important aspects to college success.

Students benefit from Cohort scheduling because most of their first semester classes are taken with the same group of students within the cohort. Research shows increases in academic success, persistence and graduation for students who belong to a cohort.

Graduating in Four Years

Graduating in four years is possible by taking 15 credits every semester, which normally amounts to five 3-credit classes per term. Some students elect to take fewer than 15 credits a semester while making up the difference during summer school, or by extending their time to degree by one or more terms. Although 12 credits is considered full-time, it will take 5 years to graduate by taking 12 credits every semester.

An added benefit to taking 15 credits a semester is no additional tuition is charged to students who take more than 12 credits a semester (i.e., full-time tuition is capped at 12 credits). This means that any additional credits beyond 12 is technically FREE!

More information on graduating within 4 years can be found on the UH System’s 15 to Finish website.

Placement Testing is Essential

All students who have not completed ENG 100 or a college level mathematics course will normally have to complete the COMPASS placement exam prior to receiving their Freshman Cohort Schedule. Students should schedule a test date with the No‘eau Center before graduating from high school. Appointments can be made by calling 689-2752.

Health Clearance Requirement

In order to receive the Freshman Cohort Schedule, all students must submit the Health Clearance Form or documentation verifying a negative tuberculosis test, as well as an immunization record for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR).

For more information on Freshman Cohort Schedules

Please contact one of the following:

New Student Programs
Sarah Juran, First Year Experience Coordinator
(808) 689-2686

COMPASS Placement Testing
No‘eau Center
(808) 689-2752

Intent to Register and Health Clearance
(808) 689-2900

Freshman Academic Advising
Advising Office
(808) 689-2689

Freshman Cohort Schedules (Students)
James Cromwell, Director of Enrollment Management
(808) 689-2909

Freshman Cohort Schedules (Faculty and Staff)
Margy Ledward, Title III Project Director
(808) 689-2922