Three talks set for fall 2017 Brown Bag Speaker Series

Brown Bag Fall 2017

Brown Bag Fall 2017

UH West Oʻahu’s fall 2017 Brown Bag Speaker Series features presentations by faculty on topics ranging from classroom methods to big data analytics. Assistant Professor of English Carmen Nolte-Odhiambo is helping to coordinate the talks.

The Brown Bag Lecture Series is designed for faculty, specialists, and lecturers across disciplines to share their research with the UH West Oʻahu community. The series is sponsored by the Center for Professional Development.

Kamuela Yong

Dr. Kamuela Yong

“How I Flipped My Classroom”
Friday, September 15, 2-3 p.m. (Room D145)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Kamuela Yong
“In this talk I discuss methods I’ve used in my math classes to flip my classroom. These will include pre-class assignments which include watching videos and taking notes and in-class assignments which include worksheets.”


Dr. David Kupferman

Dr. David Kupferman

“Détournement as Method”
Tuesday, October 10, 12:30-1:15 p.m. (Room D253)
Assistant Professor of Education David Kupferman
“Détournement is a form of re-fashioning objects and themes in the social imaginary, often in the form of kitsch, to other ends, such as approaching higher abstract concepts and theories. Originally developed by Guy Debord and the Situationist International movement in French avant-garde art in the 1950s, this presentation will explore détournement specifically as it can be used as a pedagogical and methodological tool.”

Headshot of Dr. Konstantinos Zougris

Dr. Konstantinos Zougris

Big Data Analytics: Applying Topic Extraction Techniques in Social Science Research”
Wednesday, November 15, 2-2:45 p.m. (Room D254)
Assistant Professor of Sociology Konstantinos Zougris
“This paper discusses the conceptual and operational schemes of text analysis techniques, and introduces big data analytics in the methodological sphere of sociology. I employ a relatively new hybrid methodical style emphasizing its suitability on detecting the thematic clusters in journals’ space. With the use of latent semantic analysis, I identify, categorize and predict thematic entities from large textual corpora published in two major American Sociological journals. The findings determine the suitability of the technique detecting thematic spaces and predicting publication trends in academic research.”


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff