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Emergency Information

Be prepared

The 2015 Central Pacific Hurricane Season continues to be active. Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency ( recommends residents and visitors take the following actions to prepare for any possible hurricane or tropical cyclone:


Be AWARE: Crime occurs when there is opportunity, so limit the risk.

Be ALERT: Stay current on the latest risks and vulnerabilities

Be SAFE: Keep at a safe distance if you encounter a potential danger.

REPORT: If you observe a suspicious person or activity, contact Campus Security immediately to report the activity.

Severe Weather/Weather Disturbances

The University monitors the progress of weather disturbances and works with Hawaiʻi State and City Emergency Management Agencies to remain informed and prepare accordingly and communicate to our UHWO Community in a timely manner.

The National Hurricane Center website provides information on weather systems when they are located east of the 140 longitude.

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center website provides information on weather systems when they are located west of the 140 longitude.

Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency's website provides emergency guidance and State news releases.

In the event of an emergency, this page will provide information about the nature of the incident, how to remain safe, and when status has returned to normal. 

When appropriate, the University will alert faculty, staff and students via email and/or UH Alert.


UH has a comprehensive system of emergency messaging called UH Alert.

Current capabilities include email, phone and SMS/text messaging for faculty and staff and email for students.

Students, faculty and staff may now sign up online to receive alerts via these channels.

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