PUEO Leadership & Mentor Program

The PUEO Leadership/Mentor Program is dedicated to helping new freshmen adjust to the social, personal and academic aspects of college life. UHWO peer mentors are experienced, positive, and helpful students who were once freshmen, just like you! They know “the ropes” and can help you get the most out of your college experience.

When you join the PUEO Leadership/Mentor Program, you’ll be connected to a small group of freshmen and have your own peer mentor, an experienced student, who will support and encourage you throughout your first year at UHWO.

PUEO Leaders/Mentors provide:
· Opportunities to meet other freshmen and make new friends
· Personal attention and guidance throughout your first year of college
· Information about academic resources,personal resources and campus activities.
· Experience and knowledge about how tobe a successful college student

Have questions? Please contact Katrina Abes at 808-689-2697 or email katrinag@hawaii.edu or Rouel Velasco at 689-2942 or email rouel@hawaii.edu.

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