Past Events – 2011

Fall 2011

E Ola Pono: Health & Wellness Fair
Kealaikahiki, a Title III Native Hawaiian program, hosted “E Ola Pono: A Health and Wellness Fair,” on September 9, 2011. The event provided lomilomi for students free of charge, brought local food vendors on campus, and introduced students to different community programs which can assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Live pono!

Lono I Ka Makahiki
Students had the opportunity to learn about and play makahiki games such as ulu maika, moa paheʻe, kōnane, make paʻi ʻai with Uncle Daniel Bishop and much more at the Lono I Ka Makahiki event co-sponsored by Kealaikahiki.

No Stress You Can Take That Test
The “No Stress You Can Take That Test” event sponsored by Kealaikahiki on November 29, 2011, addressed the needs of students during final exam week on campus by providing lomilomi, a traditional art of healing for Native Hawaiians, in addition to tutoring services to prepare them mentally and spiritually for this stressful week.

Spring 2011

Kealaikahiki Grand Opening Event
To celebrate our presence on campus Kealaikahiki had a grand opening featuring Here Tama Nui, a Polynesian Craft Fair, and cultural demonstrations. Kealaikahiki is the first and only Native Hawaiian serving program at UHWO.

Oceanic Ways of Knowing & Learning
On April 19, 2011, Kealaikahiki along with Kumu Sa’ili (Professor of Hawaiian-Pacific Studies) hosted “Oceanic Ways of Learning and Knowing”. The prominent guest speakers have a background in Pacific Island heritage and shared their knowledge on how island ways of learning and knowing differ from Western educational institutions. After the presentation, Kumu Sa`ili’s students performed a Samona siva, hula, and Tahitian numbers.