Next Gen

Become a Next Gen Service Learner! 

What a Next Gen Mentor Does

Primary – Acting as a resource for information regarding:

  • Academic success (ie: who to see about receiving credit for transfer courses, deciding on a well-fitting major, differences in class structure, study skills);
  • Personal development (ie: where to seek help for particular personal issues, receive counseling, and find out about clubs); and
  • Financial aid (ie: discussing with them what a FAFSA is, where to find scholarships, and how to fill each out).


Secondary – Acting as an assistant through the college application process:

  • Building effective personal statements and resumes/CVs;
  • Finding recommenders for letters; and
  • One-on-one application assistance.


Tertiary – Acting as a liaison between students and faculty/administration to:

  • Identify any sources of discontent or concern in mentees’ lives that would prevent them from being successful; and
  • Set mentees in a direction to resolve their concerns and answer their questions.


Who do mentors work with and report to?

  • In their role as mentors, UHWO students will work with students in partnering high schools (their mentees), as well as with their college and career counselors.
  • They will also correspond with the UHWO Service Learning contact on a periodic basis through reporting and meetings, as well as with professors as required.
  • As needed, mentors will interact with mentees’ families (i.e. at a special college informational event).



Receiving course credit for being a peer mentor

                     i.            Next Gen – West O`ahu can be used as a service-learning option if a student is taking a course that offers a service-learning; specific requirements are to be decided and agreed upon by the student and professor for how Next Gen – West O`ahu will be credited to the course.

                   ii.            Alternatively, students may enroll in a “-99 Directed Research” course – this option allows students to receive full course credit through service-learning that is directed and evaluated by a professor.  Students will be responsible for finding a professor who will oversee their service project and create a grade-based system to evaluate work.  For more information about this option, please contact Todd Jordan:

                 iii.            Students are also welcomed to simply serve as mentors with Next Gen on their own.

è Other forms of compensation

                 iv.            Because Next Gen – West O`ahu’s purpose is to connect service-learning to college access, course credit or credit as part of a course are the primary forms of compensation for student involvement in the program.  However, monetary forms of compensation may be considered on an individual basis in the form of work-study and the Students in Service Award.

                   v.            A work-study form of compensation may be considered on an individual basis.  Students who have applied for financial aid and who qualify for work-study, may be able to serve as a Next Gen mentor and receive monetary compensation that way.  To find out more about UHWO work-study, please contact the Financial Aid office: 

                 vi.            If eligible, students may also sign up to receive education awards through Students In Service, which may be used towards either tuition or student loans.  For more information about SIS, please visit