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What Are Community-Based Organizations?

Service and service-learning take many different forms in community settings. There are many kinds of community-based organizations, and there are many ways to define their scope:

• Social service and other nonprofit providers that may engage volunteers;

• Community-based youth development organizations and after-school programs that include service or service-learning as part of their programming; and

• Faith-based organizations that provide services and offer service experiences as part of their programming.

What is the difference between service-learning and community service?

Community service participants volunteer for the primary or sole purpose of meeting the needs of others and bettering the community as a whole. Young people engaged in high quality service-learning meet the needs of their communities while increasing their academic achievement. Service-learning students also take part in structured time to investigate community needs, thoughtful planning of the service project, and guided reflection regarding the relationship between their service experience and their more traditional in-class learning.

Where does service-learning occur?

Service-learning programs are found in all subjects and grade levels, a wide range of community-based organizations, and in Indian Tribes and U. S. Territories.

Can service-learning occur in community-based settings?

Yes. 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts of the USA, YMCA, and many other community organizations offer service-learning through school partnerships and after-school programs.

Is service-learning just for certain students?

Service-learning is for everyone! It is an effective teaching method for all students, including gifted and talented students, special education students, students with disabilities, at-risk youth, youth in inclusive classrooms, and students in alternative education.

Source: http://www.servicelearning.org/frequently-asked-questions-faqs