University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu

WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Visit (2014)

What is an Educational Effectiveness Review Visit?

An evaluation team of WASC Senior College and University Commission representatives, consisting of professional peers who volunteer their services, will offer independent insights based on careful analysis of the UH West Oʻahu Educational Effectiveness Review Report and on-site evaluation. The team’s campus visit happened November 19-21, 2014.

What Happens During a WASC EER Visit?

The WASC Visiting Team will

  • Evaluate UH West Oʻahu using the Accreditation Standards
  • Confirm and find evidence for the assertions in the UH West Oʻahu Educational Effectiveness Review Report
  • Identify key areas selected and approved for improvement

UHWO Educational Effectiveness Committee Members will

  • Assure the educational community, the general public, and other organizations and agencies that the UHWO has demonstrated it meets the Commission's Core Commitments to Institutional Capacity and Educational Effectiveness, and has been successfully reviewed under Commission Standards;
  • Promote deep institutional engagement with issues of educational effectiveness and student learning, and develop and share best practices in assessing and improving the teaching and learning process;
  • Develop and apply Standards to review and improve educational quality and institutional performance, and validate these Standards and revise them through ongoing research and feedback;
  • Promote within institutions a culture of evidence where indicators of performance are regularly developed and data collected to inform institutional decision making, planning,and improvement;
  • Develop systems of institutional review and evaluation that are adaptive to institutional context and purposes, that build on institutional evidence and support rigorous reviews, and reduce the burden and cost of accreditation; and
  • Promote the active interchange of ideas among public and independent institutions that furthers the principles of improved institutional performance, educational effectiveness, and the process of peer review

What to Expect

As UH West Oʻahu students, faculty and staff, you may expect visiting WASC Senior College and University Commission team members to:

  • Visit lectures, labs and online classes to observe classes in session and attend any regularly scheduled institutional meetings;
  • Walk about the campus to evaluate facilities and speak informally with members of the college community; and
  • Request to meet with particular units or individuals to gather additional data and clarify findings.