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The study of finance analyzes the process of obtaining and allocating financial capital (funds) for the purchase of real capital (plant and equipment). One of the main areas of focus is the risk-return relationship and the maximization of return for a given level of risk.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance will have a strong knowledge of analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills to assess the financial performance of a firm and design risk reducing strategies. Courses are offered through in-class and distance learning instruction.


The study of finance prepares students for careers in commercial and investment banking, consulting, insurance, real estate, academia, non-profit organizations, and government. Finance graduates also find employment as analysts, statisticians, actuaries, financial advisors, managers, consultants, brokers, stock and derivative traders, and more.

According to CNNMoney and the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for business majors was highest for students in the discipline of finance in 2011 at $50,535. With an understanding of finance, graduates are able to analyze and execute the financial aspects of managerial decisions. In addition, it prepares students for a variety of graduate programs including finance, business, economics, education, management, public administration, and law.


FIN 301 Personal Finance
This course focuses on the management of personal finance. Broad coverage of personal financial decisions, including basic financial planning, use of credit, purchasing an automobile and home, insurance, tax issues, investing, retirement, and estate planning.

FIN 322 Money and Capital Markets
This course will look at the major types of financial institutions and financial instruments such as stocks, securities, and mortgages. It will look at how and why the system of money and capital markets exists and how it is changing. Also, it will provide an explanation of how interest rates and security values are determined and used.

FIN 412 Futures and Options
This course provides the foundation for understanding the price and risk management of derivative securities. It starts with simple derivatives and develops the concept of arbitrage-free pricing and hedging. The course is designed to provide an understanding of options, futures, forwards, and the use of these instruments in managing business and financial risks.

FIN 461 International Finance
This course focuses on monetary aspects of international economics, optimum reserves, exchange rates, balance of payments, and capital movements.


The UH West O‘ahu Investment Club offers a wonderful opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of finance in the company of friends, and apply classroom principles and theories to stock market investments. Students learn about stocks, bonds, and credit markets and participate in club networking and fundraising activities.


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