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History is the study of the past based on finding, analyzing, and interpreting recorded evidence. It is a discipline that seeks both to understand the past in its own terms and to explain the present in light of the past.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in History will learn about the causes of significant events in history; examine historical developments in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Hawai‘i, and the Pacific; assess the role of major actors on the world stage; and foster the skills necessary to discover and express effectively an understanding of the past. UH West O‘ahu history courses are taught through in-class instruction and, on a very limited basis, through distance learning.


History is an excellent degree that prepares graduates for careers in education, journalism, government and non-profit organizations, law, international affairs, and business. Because the modern history curriculum includes so many approaches – including gender, ethnic, cultural, social, political, economic, national, and world – a History concentration provides a solid grounding for post-graduate study in a variety of disciplines and diversity in choices. Included among them are history, Hawaiian and Pacific studies, art history, education, library and information sciences, communications, museum studies, international affairs, and law.

Graduates in History from UH West O‘ahu have continued their education with graduate programs at UH Manoa, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, University of California, Davis, University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas – El Paso, and Gonzaga University, among others. They currently teach at the elementary, intermediate, secondary and college levels both in Hawai‘i and on the mainland. Others hold positions as librarians, museum curators, journalists and attorneys.

History graduates earn an average of $51,500 per year according to The College Majors Handbook. Those who work for private companies earn an average of $55,000, while self-employed History graduates earn an average yearly salary of $73,100.  


HIST 326 Japan Cool: Anime, Manga, and Film (3)
Pre: ENG 100.
Learn about the world of Japanese anime, manga, and films, and how producers and audiences interact to create meaning in popular culture products. What can we learn about Japanese audiences from Japanese popular media culture? This class will focus on issues of gender, national identity, and race throughout modern Japanese history.
HIST 350 History of Terrorism (3)
Pre: ENG 100.
This course will explore outbreaks of terrorism in a variety of world regions and historical contexts, including the 19th century anarchists, Latin American guerrilla groups of the 1960s and 1970s, the Irish Republican Army, the German Red Army Faction, and contemporary Islamic extremists.  We will consider the goals, strategies, and self-conceptions of would-be terrorists, as well as state counter-terror responses and the broader cultural impact of extended terror scares.
HIST 384 Hawai‘i from European Contact to the Overthrow (3)
Pre: ENG 100.
Survey of the social, economic, and political history of the Islands from European contact to the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. Emphasis is on the elements of change and continuity that have shaped the culture and history of the Islands. The contributions of the diverse ethnic groups will be stressed.
HIST 466 The United States in the Pacific (3)
Pre: ENG 100.
While the growth of economic and political interests in the Pacific is surveyed, major emphasis is given to the clash of cultures created by America’s activities in the region. Special attention is given to Hawai‘i’s role as America’s outpost in the Pacific in mid-20th century.


UH West O‘ahu History graduates have completed internships at a number of high schools and organizations including:

  • Mission Houses Museum
  • Bishop Museum
  • USS Bowfin Submarine Museum
  • USS Missouri
  • USS Arizona Memorial
  • Schofield Barracks Museum
  • Hawai‘i Maritime Museum
  • Hawai‘i’s Plantation Village
  • James Campbell High School
  • Waipahu High School
  • Leilehua High School
  • Maryknoll School
  • Mililani High School
  • Kapolei High School


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