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Justice Administration


Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration with a concentration in Justice Administration will learn to apply the principles of justice administration to local, state and federal judicial systems, as well as identify and evaluate problems, policy dilemmas and solutions in justice administration. Courses for this program are offered in-class and through distance learning instruction.

Students completing their associate’s degree in Administration of Justice from Honolulu Community College may elect to complete the UH West O‘ahu articulation agreement for seamless transfer. Also, Justice Administration students may combine the bachelor’s degree with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security approved certificate in Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management.


Criminal justice is a growing field, with many federal, state and local government agencies hiring new employees for careers in law enforcement, correctional administration, court management, homeland security, and increasingly sophisticated positions in private security management systems. Within these major career areas, specialty positions include field agents, forensic specialists, human resources managers, hazard mitigation and control specialists, information technology specialists and more.

Many law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems favor postsecondary education degrees for promotion to higher-level positions. In many cases, civil service exams are no longer required. Most federal law enforcement positions require a four-year degree in a relevant area and offer high starting salaries, excellent career advancement opportunities and generous benefit packages. The starting salary of graduates with justice administration-related degrees typically range from $45,000 to $60,000 annually. Many students continue their studies and go on to law school or pursue master’s degrees in criminal justice.


PUBA 309 Criminal Law and Procedures
This course is an examination of cases treating criminal law and procedures within the context of American policies, with a systematic analysis of the role of the citizen in relationship to operational legal principles and procedures of criminal law. Emphasis is placed on contemporary problems and recent court decisions.

PUBA 320 Correctional Administration
This course provides an overview of correctional administration in America. It examines corrections as a social institution; the place of corrections in the criminal justice system; federal and state prison systems; institutional management (staffing, programs and services); and future directions such as the current trend toward community-based corrections.

PUBA 324 Media, Violence, and Crime
The nature and scope of crime-related violence in the media with particular emphasis on television, newspapers, and the cinema are all part of this course, as well as an analysis of the impact of media violence on individuals, groups, and society, as a whole.

PUBA 326 Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice
This course examines ethical issues faced by police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other participants in the justice system. Improving ethical behavior through better screening, training, and performance monitoring programs are explored.


UH West O‘ahu students concentrating in Justice Administration have successfully completed internships or obtained jobs at a number of city and state agencies including:

  • Hawai‘i Criminal and Family Courts
  • Hawai‘i State Department of Public Safety
  • Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney General’s Office
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Honolulu Police Department
  • Hawai‘i State Probation and Parole Officers
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency


The UH West O‘ahu Justice, Public and Health Care Administration (JAH) Club offers students the opportunity to expand their understanding of Justice, Public and Health Care Administration through community service projects, charitable fundraising, socials and networking events. Students learn about career opportunities in the field and participate in campus activities including the Holiday Family Wishes Project event featuring McGruff the Crime Dog as well as a club-sponsored Health and Wellness Fair. Activities and events vary each year.


Dr. Gary Helfand, Professor
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Dr. Michael Hallstone, Professor
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