University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu

Enrollment Status

Financial aid recipients are initially awarded aid based on full-time enrollment at the University of Hawaii – West Oahu (UHWO). Most financial aid funds require a minimum enrollment of 6-credits at our institution. If the student will not be enrolled at full-time or will be concurrently enrolled at another UH campus (e.g. LCC, UH Manoa, etc.) during the semester; the student must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing or submit a Concurrent Enrollment Request Form. A change in enrollment may impact the student’s financial aid award or disbursement, as well as their continued eligibility for aid. From the start of the semester to the census date, financial aid awards will be revised accordingly based on the student’s enrollment status at UHWO. At the time of census, the student’s enrollment as of that date will be determined as the final enrollment status for financial aid purposes.

Enrollment Status Credit Hours
Full-time 12 or more credit hours
Three Quarter-time (3/4 - time) 9 – 11 credit hours
Half-time (1/2 - time) 6 – 8 credit hours
Less-than-half-time (1/4 - time) 5 or less credit hours