University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu

Learning Communities

UH West O‘ahu Learning Communities are designed to bring first-year students together through an integrated cohort experience for the purpose of successful college coursework completion at the start of the student’s academic career. Learning Community students take part in fun and interesting activities that foster community engagement including service-learning projects that are co-planned by instructors and provide opportunities for cultural and relevant knowledge, deeper learning, and personal student/faculty collaboration. These service-learning projects engage students in meaningful volunteer service to the University and the local Kapolei and Waiʻanae communities – a great application of classroom learning. In the process, students discover how to use their education to enhance lives and change the world.

ʻIke Mauli Ola Learning Community

'Ike Mauli Ola Learning Community

The ‘Ike Mauli Ola Learning Community introduces first-year students to the ideas of health, wellness and well-being and integrates community engagement and service-learning activities. Students participate in fun and engaging activities in a supportive academic setting that fosters friendships that will last throughout their academic career. The ‘Ike Mauli Ola Learning Community is designed for first-year students interested in fulfilling pre-requisite courses for applying to nursing programs.

Associated Classes:
ENG 100: Composition I
MATH 103M/L: College Algebra with Lab
ANTH 152: Culture and Humanity
SD 103: First Year Experience
HWST 107: Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific