University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu
Images of guitar students in a class performance, a band playing in a night concert in the courtyard, a group photo of UH West Oahu students.

Kapolei Community

UH West O‘ahu is located in the City of Kapolei on the island of O‘ahu 20 minutes west of the Honolulu International Airport. Dubbed O‘ahu’s “second city” in relation to the state’s capitol of Honolulu, the University is located in one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Nearby, the brand new, Kroc Center Hawai‘i, the largest community center of its kind Hawai‘i, offers a performing arts venue, health and wellness center, an aquatics center and more. The Kapolei Golf Course is adjacent to the University and UH West O‘ahu is just a few miles away from the Kamakana Ali‘i and Kapolei Shopping Center, Kapolei Marketplace, and Kapolei Commons that boast a variety of entertainment, award-winning dining, and shopping opportunities including a 16-screen movie theater, Target, Safeway, Sports Authority, Hapa Grill and much more.


Hawai‘i Tokai International College is a state-of-the-art, 85,000 square foot, sustainable campus on three acres of UH West O‘ahu land. The college has recently relocated from its Honolulu site on Kapiolani Boulevard. The move creates a unique, synergistic relationship that strengthens programs of both institutions. Many of the students who complete their two-year coursework at Hawai‘i Tokai International College may enter the four-year programs at UH West O‘ahu in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. UH West O‘ahu students will benefit from the nearby college facilities, programs and students while enhancing international and global perspectives.

The new Hawai‘i Tokai International College campus was designed by the same team that designed the UH West O‘ahu campus, led by John Hara & Associates Inc., to build environmentally friendly residence halls, dining facilities and classrooms for approximately 150 students primarily from Japan.

Hawaii Tokai International College has operated in Hawai‘i for more than 17 years with tremendous success, focusing on its College Preparatory program, Associate of Arts degree program and International Studies program.