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Spring 2018 Commencement
Saturday, May 5, 2018 9:00 am, UH West O'ahu Campus Lower Courtyard

Commencement will be viewable live on the UH West O‘ahu website.

Use the following links for more information regarding Graduate Candidates, Faculty and VIPs.

The West O‘ahu Bookstore will be open from 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. and located in the Central Plaza. Logo items and snacks will be available for purchase


Please note: While this is NOT a ticketed event, parking on campus is limited. UH West Oʻahu commencement parking passes are required to park on campus. Cars without a parking pass will be turned away. Drop offs will not be allowed.

Graduates will be issued a total of THREE (3) parking passes for their use and their guests.

Spaces will be on a first come, first served basis. The parking lot will be closed once it reaches capacity (due to safety concerns). Carpooling is highly encouraged. Plan to arrive early as there will be considerable congestion along the Farrington Highway entrance to the campus.

We have limited identified parking spaces for persons with disability parking permits. Any guest with both a parking pass and a disability parking permit who has trouble finding an accessible parking space should contact one of our Campus Security officers for assistance.

Public transportation is also available. The Bus routes 40, 401, 402, 403 and 416 all stop at the UH West O‘ahu campus. See The Bus route schedules for more information.


Guests may be seated beginning at 8 a.m. We strongly recommend that guests arrive early as our seating is also on first-come, first-served bases.

There will also be a limited number of reserved seats available for guests with disabilities, mobility challenges, or other special needs. Guests are strongly encouraged to contact our ADA/504 Coordinator, Tom Hirsbrunner, at (808) 689-2935 for assistance with reserved seating and special accommodations as needed in advance. On the day of the event, guests may contact one of our staff ushers or Campus Security officers for assistance with seating.

NOTE: Balloons, signs/banners and strollers are not allowed into the seating area for safety reasons. Space will be provided for these items to be safely stored during the ceremony. Please contact a staff usher or Campus Security officer for assistance with these items.

American Sign Language Interpreter

Guests with hearing impairments may be seated in reserve seating near our sign-language interpreters. Guests are strongly encouraged to contact our ADA/504 Coordinator, Tom Hirsbrunner, at (808) 689-2935 for assistance.

Animals on Campus

No pets are allowed on campus. Guests with disabilities are welcome to bring their service animals that are trained to do work or to perform tasks. Any guest with a service animal who needs assistance should contact a staff usher or Campus Security officer.

Photography and Video

Each graduate will be photographed by a professional photographer as they receive their degree, and these photos will be made available to the graduate.

Guests may take photographs and videos from their seats only. Mahalo and thank you for showing courtesy for those around you so that everyone may enjoy the event. For safety reasons, guests are not allowed to sit or stand in aisle ways to take photos, videos, or to watch the ceremony. Staff ushers and Campus Security officers will be available to assist with these safety requirements.

The University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu (UH West Oʻahu) reserves the right to photograph/videotape participants and guests in public spaces at commencement for purposes of publicizing the University's programs or for any other lawful purpose, including the right to print, publish, broadcast, and use as appropriate for public information without additional consideration or compensation. All photographs/videos become the property of UH West Oʻahu.

UH West Oʻahu is in a NO FLY and NO DRONE ZONE.

Commencement will be viewable live on the UH West O‘ahu website.

Lei Vendors

Vendors selling flower lei will be on campus during the commencement ceremonies.  The vendors will be located on the grass area in front of the Dining Commons.

Lei Vendor Proposals: If you would like to be an on-campus Lei Vendor for Commencement, please submit a written proposal along with a copy of your HI State General Excise Tax License and W-9 Form. You must be able to provide adequate inventory and sell fresh flower lei from 7:30 am to 9:30 am on Saturday, May 05, 2018.  We are expecting approximately 200 graduates and 2,500 guests.

Proposals should be submitted via email, to UH West O`ahu Event Planner, Lynn Reyes, at by 12:00 pm on March 05, 2018.  If selected, you will be notified by return email and a Certificate of Insurance will be required by April 06, 2018.

First Aid

A First Aid station will be near the Library and at E building.
In case of emergency, medical or otherwise, please inform a staff usher or Campus Security for assistance. 

After the Ceremony