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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar! Here, students can easily access the most up-to-date information on class scheduling and registration, securely access their academic records, request enrollment verifications and official transcripts and much more.


Students are assigned a specific registration day and time based on their class standing and classification at the time of registration. View the registration time table to determine your registration date/time. Students may register anytime on or after their registration start date; early registration is encouraged. 

After you register for classes, be sure to pay your tuition and fees by the payment deadline to avoid a financial obligation on your student account.

Prior to the registration period, students are highly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor or academic advisor to review program requirements and obtain assistance in selecting classes. Students registering for a capstone (e.g. senior project/practicum), general practicum, or directed reading and research class are required to obtain special approval from the instructor and submit the necessary registration forms to the Office of the Registrar.

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The schedule of classes is available approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the beginning of each registration period. Students are advised to review the schedule of classes prior to the first day of registration for any changes that may have been made.

Course prerequisites and co-requisite information may be found in the course description section of the General Catalog. The prerequisite for all writing intensive courses is completion or concurrent enrollment in ENG 200.


UH West O‘ahu students may take up to 18 credits in the fall and spring semesters and up to 12 credits in the summer term. Those who request a credit limit increase for any term must obtain approval from a student services academic advisor. If approved, the additional credits may be registered for, no earlier than one week before the first day of instruction for the term.


Non-degree students and auditors register on a space available basis generally one week before the semester begins. Audit classes are entered on the student's transcript with a grade of “L” and are subject to regular tuition and fee charges. Audit classes are not counted in determining a student’s enrollment status. Students and instructors may not amend the audit grade mode to receive credit for a class once the audit grade mode is designated.


Late Registration: Students may register up to and including, the last day designated on the University calendar for late registration. All first-time registration that occurs during this period is subject to a non-refundable late registration fee.


To Add a Class: Classes may be added beginning with the first day of preregistration through the late registration period. Accelerated classes may be added after the late add period under special circumstances.

To Drop a Class (Partial Withdrawal): Students may officially drop from any classes for which they have registered during the applicable drop period (refer to the academic calendar). Semester long classes dropped during the first three weeks of the semester will not be indicated on the student’s record. Semester long classes withdrawn between the third week and up to Friday of the ninth week of instruction will be indicated as a withdrawal "W" on the student’s record.

Different withdrawal deadlines apply to accelerated classes and may be viewed by clicking the CRN of the class on the online schedule of classes.

An instructor cannot initiate a drop or withdrawal for the student. All drops or withdrawal actions are the responsibility of the student and must be initiated by the student within the constraints outlined above.

If a student simply stops attending class without officially dropping or completing the withdrawal procedure, an “F,” or other grade as appropriate, may be assigned by the instructor. If the instructor does not assign a grade, an “F” will be assigned by the Office of the Registrar.


The registration waitlist is an electronic list of students waiting to register for a class that has reached its maximum enrollment. If a seat in the class becomes available, the first student on the registration waitlist for that class will be notified through their UH email account and informed how long the seat will be held for them to register. While the waitlist feature is available, instructors will not be allowed to provide overrides for students to get into their closed class. For more information, visit Registration Waitlist FAQs.


During the registration process, students may encounter a registration error message that must be resolved before their registration can be confirmed. The tutorial section in MyUH offers a helpful list of the different registration error messages and action steps needed.


Enrollment in at least one UH West O‘ahu class each fall and spring term is required to maintain active student status with the University. Students who are not enrolled or completely withdraw from the University, and are not on an approved leave of absence will be required to reapply for admission and may be subject to new catalog requirements that are in effect at the time of readmission.


In the event that a student is not able to continue their studies, continuing classified students may apply for a one semester leave of absence if they (1) have completed the prior semester at UH West O‘ahu; and (2) are not been academic suspended or dismissal from UH West O‘ahu. Additional documentation may be requested. Students who have been approved a one semester leave of absence will be able to resume their studies and allowed to pre-register for the next semester, but should be aware that taking a leave of absence may affect their residency status for tuition purposes or eligibility for financial aid. The deadline to submit the Leave of Absence Form to the Office of the Registrar is the last day of late registration for the intended term.

Note: Eligible students can only accumulate up to 2 (two) approved leave of absences as a UH West O‘ahu student, even though the student may stop out for a semester or longer (i.e., a break in enrollment will not reset the count back to zero).


Students withdrawing completely from the University, once the term begins, must submit the Complete Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar. Students will not be able to completely withdraw from all classes on MyUH. The effective date of withdrawal is the date that the completed form is received by their office. More information about the tuition and fees refund policies and deadlines are available in the General Catalog.

Financial aid and Veterans’ Affairs (VA) recipients considering withdrawal from classes should consult with the appropriate offices prior to initiating the withdrawal process. Withdrawals may have a significant impact on institutional charges, repayment, a current financial aid award, VA certifications, as well as future eligibility.

All financial obligations within the University of Hawai‘i system must be cleared before the complete withdrawal request can be processed.

Students who have completely withdrawn from the University and are not on an approved leave of absence must reapply for admission and are required to meet the admissions criteria to regain student status.


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