University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu

Preparing for Registration


Upon acceptance to UH West O‘ahu, all classified students are assigned to a faculty advisor based on their major/concentration. Faculty advisors are a valuable resource for students to discuss academic goals, assist with class scheduling, or prepare for graduate programs and career and professional development. All students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor on a regular basis. A student’s assigned faculty advisor can be viewed in the STAR Degree Check, under the academic standing tab through MyUH.


In addition to faculty advisors, students may meet with a student services advisor for questions pertaining to general education and graduation requirements, changes to major/concentration, academic probation, or registration holds. To make an appointment with a student services advisor, visit the Academic Advising Office at the Campus Center, C-236, or call 689-2689. Neighbor island students may contact their office toll-free at (866) 299-8656 or by email at


Before registration begins, students are advised to check their registration status on MyUH to ensure there are no holds that will prevent their eligibility to register, including but not limited to, financial obligations, required forms, medical clearances, or academic standing. Students must clear all obligations in order to register.


Students must meet all State public health regulations prior to registering for classes (e.g., TB and MMR). Specific information on these requirements is available in the General Catalog.


UH West O‘ahu offers its distance education classes in three modalities, Interactive Television (ITV), online using the Laulima course delivery program, and in a hybrid format. ITV classes provide learning at a specific time and place, allowing students to take a class from one location while the instructor teaches from another. Both the instructor and student can see and hear each other, simulating a face-to-face class environment. ITV courses are delivered in real time; therefore students must attend class in-person at their respective University or Education Center on the neighbor islands. Some ITV classes may include online components to enhance the class experience. For these classes, students must have timely access to a computer and the Internet.

Laulima is a course management and collaboration system used by the University of Hawai‘i where students use chat rooms, a bulletin board, calendar, and email to simulate an online classroom environment. Students may access their online class either through MyUH or directly through Laulima approximately one week before the semester begins. For more information about Laulima and computer requirements, visit the online student tutorials.

Hybrid classes are taught online and include an in-person classroom component. Students will meet on designated days/times in a classroom environment with the instructor and other students. For the online portion of the class, students must have timely access to a computer and the Internet. For additional information about hybrid classes, interested students should contact the instructor.


Full-Time Status
International students on F-1 and J-1 student visas must be enrolled as full-time students each semester (summer excluded). Full-time enrollment for undergraduate international students is defined as a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. All international students are required to meet with a student services advisor, every semester to register. Online registration is not allowed. Visit the Academic Advising Office located at the Campus Center, C-236, or call 689-2689 to make an appointment.

Distance Education Class Restrictions
The Department of Homeland Security restricts international students in the U.S. from enrolling in some distance learning programs. The student visa status requires a student’s physical presence on campus; therefore enrollment in distance education classes is restricted. Students may count only one three-credit distance education class per semester as part of their full-time course load.

Concurrent Enrollment for International Students
Students interested in enrolling concurrently at another campus in the UH system or post-secondary institution are required to get approval from the UH West O‘ahu student services advisor prior to registering for non-UH West O‘ahu classes.

Health Insurance Requirement
UH policy stipulates that all international students must obtain adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Continuing students must provide documentation for health insurance covering the entire duration of the semester (fall/spring) and submit the F-1 Student Acknowledgement of Health Insurance Form to the Office of the Registrar, no later than August 1 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester. Newly accepted international students will have a health insurance hold placed on their registration records and will not be allowed to register until sufficient documentation is provided.