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STAR Guided Pathway System (GPS) Registration

The STAR GPS System will be replacing MyUH as the registration portal for the entire UH system this Fall. STAR GPS creates a convenient way for students to register by leveraging their desired undergraduate degree pathway to simplify the registration process.

The STAR GPS System includes the following features:

  • Plan and project your graduation date 
  • Track degree requirements with the Academic Essentials tab
  • Register for suggested courses to optimize your path towards graduation
  • View your unofficial transcripts and grades

STAR-GPS Workshops are also being held to provide assistance to students who wish to learn more about registration through STAR. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the STAR GPS system by reviewing the information below: 

Register with STAR GPS

Schedule of Classes

Help Guide (PDF)

STAR Video Tutorial


Students are encouraged to contact the Advising Center at (808) 689-2689 or

1. Login to STAR ( and choose "GPS Registration" to access registration information.

GPS Registration

2. Once you are in the GPS Registration tab, select the semester you would be registering for. Click on "Register". Courses will be pre-selected for you based on your current academic program.

Click Register

3. In the "Register" section, you will be able to select the course(s) you would like to register for from a pre-selected list based on your current academic program.

Select a course to register for

Searching for classes

You can also search for a course you are interested in by using the search feature on the left panel. Enter the course code or partial code to activate a search or add some additional criteria, such as core or focus requirements.

"Show More Filters" will display focus requirements filters:

  • Contemporary Ethical Issues (ETH)
  • Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies (HAP)
  • Oral Communication (OC)
  • Writing Intensive (WI)

"Show Other Attributes" will display general education core requirements filters: 

  • Arts (DA)
  • Biological Science (DB)
  • Foundations of Global and Multicultural Perspectives Group A (FGA)
  • Foundations of Global and Multicultural Perspectives Group B (FGB)
  • Humanities (DH)
  • Laboratory (DY)
  • Literature (DL)
  • Physical Science (DP)
  • Social Sciences (DS)
  • Symbolic Reasoning (FS)
  • Written Communication (FW)

Show more Filters 

Search Feature

Focus Requirements

Attributes (Focus Requirements)

Show Other Attributes

Show Other Attributes

General Education Core Requirements

Focus Requirements

Back to Requirements

Once you have finished selecting your courses, click on "Back to Requirements" to review your choices before submitting your registration. 

Back to Requirements to confirm registration

Submit Registration

To complete your registration, select "Submit Registration" to complete the process. Your courses will appear on your schedule to the right of the STAR-GPS Registration page. You can review your schedule and make changes or if you are satisfied with your choices, add the classes to your google calendar.

Submit Registration

Dropping a Class

To drop a class, you can select "Drop" on the course you wish to cancel and "Submit Registration." The changes will be reflected on your schedule to the right of the page.

Drop a course

Tuition and Fees

You can view pending charges to your account based on your registration on the top right corner of the registration page. To access more information about these pending charges, click on the "$" in that section. It will display a list of your fees and tuition charges.

View Pending Charges

Clicking on the "$" will display pending charges

Pending Charges List (My Account Details)

Contact the Advising Office at (808) 689-2689 or if you have any questions or need assistance.