University of Hawaiʻi — West Oʻahu
Students performing culturally significant ceremonies.

Student Success Initiatives

UH West Oʻahu  understands that the strength of our institution is measured by the success of our students, with success largely determined by student retention and graduation rates. The institution is also committed to the UH System Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative (HGI) which calls for an increase in the educational capital of the state by increasing the participation and completion of students, particularly Native Hawaiians, low-income students and those from underserved regions and populations and preparing them for success in the workforce and their communities. The following student success initiatives have been designed to promote the academic success and degree completion of all students, as well as help contribute to meeting the expectations of the UH System Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative.

 Summer Academy

UH West O‘ahu has a strong commitment to our local high school students by developing innovative programs to help them prepare, transition and eventually succeed in college. The Summer Academy is one of UH West O‘ahu's  signature programs that help local high school graduates get an early start on the college experience.  There are normally several different programs to choose from depending on theme or criteria. Some programs are designed around traditional themes such as effective writing or college algebra, while others may focus on an area of interest to one of our talented faculty members who wish to inspire the next generation.  

The 2018 Summer Academy includes the following options:

Ke Ala Kauwela - Summer Bridge Programs:

  • ‘Ike Mauli Ola (Pathway to Pre-Nursing)

  • E Holomua a ‘Onipa‘a

Math Summer Bridge

FRESHMEN Schedules and Learning Communities

Freshman Schedules & Learning Communities are offered to all new incoming freshmen for the fall semester. Schedules can include up to four traditional first-year classes with a minimum of 12 credits. Students are guaranteed a full-time schedule of classes that will count towards graduation. 


New Student Orientation offers freshmen and transfer students an opportunity to learn more about the university as well as well as connect with their academic advisors for guidance on their chosen programs of study. Freshman Advising and Orientation is mandatory for all freshmen. Transfer Student Pre-Registration Workshops provides assistance to transfer students with their academic plans and understanding the requirements for their degrees. 

Pueo Leadership Program

The PUEO (Peer Undergraduate Engagement and Orientation) leadership program is a peer mentor program dedicated to helping new freshmen adjust to college life. 

Pueo Scholars

The Pueo Scholars advisors are committed to serving first-time, first-year traditional freshmen and transfer students from Wai‘anae High School, Nānākuli High and Intermediate School, and Ma‘o Organic Farms students transitioning into the University of Hawai‘i - West O‘ahu.  Pueo Scholars serves as a conduit to allow growth, leadership, and advancement in an all-inclusive manner that addresses their developmental, psychosocial, and educational needs.  Pueo Scholars regularly assesses co-curricular programs and services designed towards providing a smooth transition into UHWO with continuous ongoing support for successful academic triumphs during the first year at UHWO.  Pueo Scholars recognizes the unique characteristics of first-time, first-year freshmen and transfer students, and seeks to promote student learning, engagement, and satisfaction to ensure retention and persistence through graduating with their college degree.