DoxaGram: Instagram API used to Extract Millions of User Information

Ido Naor, a researcher for Kaspersky Lab, reported to Instagram on August 31 that there was a bug in Intagram’s API password reset section. There were approximately a total of 6 million “‘high-profile’” accounts that had their personal phone numbers and email addresses stolen. These Continue Reading

Siri, Alexa and other AI get Ultrasounds, the result is the Dolphin Attack

Researchers from China’s Zhejiang University have found an interesting vulnerability in all the major AI smart assistants. They have dubbed their attack framework as DolphinAttack. This attack relies on using the sound frequencies outside the human audible range or those above 20kHz.  In all cases Continue Reading

Hacking With Stickers

Deep Neural Network-based ClassifiersVulnerabilities Researchers from the University of Washington have dived deep into the world of Deep Neural Network-Based algorithms and classifiers and have found and identified various vulnerabilities in the machine learning code that allows for misclassification of input leading to an undesired result.  Thier Continue Reading

GMR-2 Satellite Phones / Windows RDP and Relay Attack 0-Day

Windows RDP and Relay Attack Zero-Day The researchers at Preempt, innovators in next gen firewalls discovered 2 different zero-day vulnerabilities in the Windows NTLM security protocols. The result of both zero-days, ends in attackers creating new domain administrator accounts with elevated privileges allowing control of Continue Reading

Libgcrypt RSA-1024 Cracked / Linux Evil DNS

GnuPG’s LibgCrypt RSA-1024 Cracked A team of researchers, from Technical University of Eindhoven, the University of Illinois, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland, and the University of Adelaide, have released a white paper  entitled ‘Sliding right into disaster: Left-to-right sliding windows leak,’ describing Continue Reading