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Want to take an online class? See if youʻre ready by taking our Online Readiness Quiz. Need assistance with navigating Laulima? Want to stay connected to the Campus? Looking for Tutoring? We can help!

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Distance Learning Course Schedule

Registering for your Summer and Fall 2017 courses, check out the Distance Learning course list to see what's available!

Online Requirements

Are you prepared to take an online class? Take this quick quiz to see if youʻre prepared.


For any course at UH West O‘ahu with online components, you need:

  1. Windows (preferred) or Macintosh based computer with the capability to run a web browser (such as Firefox), media software (such as RealPlayer), other application software and/or plug-ins needed to access or run content (such as Adobe Reader or Java), and play audio/sound. Check the comments in the Schedule of Classes for special requirements for courses. If you are purchasing a computer, refer to these computer recommendations.
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide reliable broadband Internet service.
  3. Ability to access Laulima (online course management system) via web browser (Mozilla Firefox is recommended).
  4. Recent version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Distance Learning Contingency Plan

As with any technology, Laulima and other Internet based course delivery systems have the potential for technical problems. We like to think this technology will be available to you all semester.


In the event of a course downtime or a performance issue, there are a few steps that you can take to be able to continue your course work during such a technology failure:

  1. Save and/or print a copy of the syllabus, assignment schedule, and course material available.

  2. Save your instructor's email address so that you are able to contact them as necessary.

  3. Save names of fellow classmates, so that you may contact each other through another email system.

  4. Determine that the problem is with Laulima/Internet based course site and not your Internet Service Provider. Visit your favorite web site or, if these pages are available, then more than likely it is a Laulima/Internet based course site problem and IT is working on fixing the issue.

Tutorial Videos & Help

Laulima Student Orientation video

Logging Into Gmail and Laulima

Trying to figure out where to start? This video shows you how to log into your UH Gmail and Laulima accounts, and will get you connected in no time!


View Video

Video on Laulima tools for students

Laulima Tools

This video will be an indepth look at common Laulima tools and their functionalities that your instructor may be using in your class.


View Video

Laulima Student Orientation video

Introduction to Laulima

This video is an overview of Laulima, which is our online classroom management system. Take a few minutes to review ways you can access Laulima and a few of the more popular tools.


View Video

I Can't See My Course! How to find your course in Laulima student video.

Hidden Courses

Can't see your current courses? Watch this video to find out why and how to fix it.


View Video

Laulima Student Orientation video

Downloading Your Syllabus

This video will help you with accessing your syllabus through Laulima, and downloading it to your computer for easy access.


View Video

Laulima Student Orientation video

Using Mailtool

Want to contact your classmates without having to get all those individual emails? Here's how to use Laulima Mailtool for easy communication!


View Video

Laulima Student Orientation video

Using the Discussion Tool

Can't figure out how to use the Discussions tool on your Laulima course page? Here's how!


View Video

Laulima Student Orientation video

Using Drop Box

Trying to figure out how to submit your assignments using Drop Box? Follow these steps to learn how!


View Video

Video on Laulima tools for students

Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar is free to use and access through your UH Gmail account. Here's how to use it for planning and scheduling events!


View Video

google doc screen shot
google drive screen shot

Using Google Docs

Google Docs is free to use and access through your UH Gmail account. You can use it to easily create and save word processing projects.


View Video

Using Google Drive

Google Drive is free to use and access through your UH Gmail account. You can upload files for safe and easy storage!


View Video

Tech Tip of the Month

Group projects are not always easy. Technology can ease some of the difficulties of collaboration. For example, web conferencing tools like Google Hangouts,, and can help you facilitate the conversation and share materials, but even scheduling a meeting time between three or more people can be challenging. However, there are also tools for that. Individually you can keep yourself organized with Google Calendar. This app is accessible through your UH Gmail account. You can even share your calendar with others to help explain your schedule. Another approach would be to use a scheduling tool. is an online scheduling tool that will allow you to pick available days and times and then send those options to your group members. Each member will select their available times and in the end your group will have workable options. Doodle is just one tool, there are meeting scheduler sites. If you are interested, check out:;;; or If you have questions about using specific tools or would like to request a tutorial, please send an email to


Other Online Resources

Student Advising icon

Student Advising


The UH West O‘ahu Student Affairs Office provides the following services:

  • admissions information
  • academic advising
  • course registration assistance
  • financial aid, scholarships, and veteran benefits

To request information you may contact the Student Affairs Office at (808) 689-2900, toll-free at 1-866-299-8656 or click on the button below.


Send Email

No‘eau Center icon No‘eau Center


The No‘eau Center provides academic support through testing services, tutoring, workshops, and other support services to help students succeed at UH West O‘ahu, The mission of the No‘eau Center is to promote life-long learning by helping students at all levels of ability to gain the skills necessary to learn effectively, confidently, and independently.


Visit their Site


Stay connected w/ASUHWO Senator for Distance Learning


If you're interested in this position, please contact Rouel Velasco,

UHWO Bookstore icon

UHWO Bookstore


Students taking courses from UH West O‘ahu may purchase textbooks online through the UH West O‘ahu Bookstore. Books for courses offered by other campuses need to be purchased through the bookstore for that campus.


Visit their Site

Information Technology Services icon

IT Services


Information Technology Services (ITS) also provides support for students using Laulima. Students may submit requests for Laulima technical support in any of the following ways:


In-person: Visit the IT Service Center on the first floor of the Library
Phone: (808) 689-2411


Online requests for assistance may also be submitted to the Laulima support staff at UH ITS by clicking on the “Request Assistance” link at Please provide a description of the request and your contact information (name, phone number, email address)



Library icon

Library Services


The UHWO Library is committed to providing seamless access to both print and electronic resources; to instructing and guiding students, faculty, staff and community members on how to use such resources; to creating a sense of place-and not just a space-on campus where the University community can connect and engage; and to enabling students to make independent, confident decisions regarding their information needs now and beyond their undergraduate careers.


Visit their Site