How to request AV help in class

All classrooms have a touch panel that boots up the AV system.  If you ever need AV assistance, you can easily contact someone at the IT Service Center by pressing the Help button on the edge of the touch panel.  When pressed, an email is sent to the IT Service Center where an IT staff will respond in person when available.


Help Button on AV Touch Panel


Please note the following:

  • The touch panel needs to be unlocked first before pressing the Help button.  This is to prevent erroneous and false alarms when the system is not in use.
  • For faculty / staff: If you do not know the code to unlock the touch panel, please refer to the following AskUs article.  You will be required to login to view the code
  • AV assistance is available during IT Service Center hours only.  The library staff is not trained and should not be bothered to assist with AV for any reason.  If you are an instructor teaching outside of the IT Service Center’s hours, it is your responsibility to get training within our normal business hours.  Please refer to the training videos.  For additional training, contact the IT Service Center for an appointment.