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The Test Center provides testing services to all University of Hawaiʻi system students, including placement testing, distance education exams, make-up exams and exams that require ADA accommodations. We are also committed to our community - at - large and may be able to provide proctoring services for Non-UH system testers for a fee. A valid photo ID is required to access your exam materials.


UHWO Spring 2018 - Testing Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30 PM

*Seating is limited. Appointments highly recommended.

Placement Testing Information

UH West Oʻahu students need to take a placement exam to determine their Math and English placement. If you do not have the minimum score required or if your scores have expired, the Accuplacer test is used to determine your placement in Math. An Authentic Assessment is used to determine your placement in English. This is not a pass or fail test. These tests will help determine which courses you are eligible to enroll in. Prepare, relax, and do your best!

The Accuplacer is

  • An automated assessment program that allows you to see your scores immediately.
  • Not times, however, allow approximately 1 hour.
  • First time is Free. Re-tests cost $25 and have no wait period.

The Authentic Assessment is

  • Administered by English faculty.
  • Timed and will take approximately 1 week to determine course eligibility.
  • English placement will be in English 100T or English 100.

Testing Dates

  • Accuplacer is offered Monday - Friday during Test Center operating hours.
  • Authentic Assessment is offered once a semester.
  • Contact the Test Center to set up your test appointment.

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Students who earn the following scores may be exempt from taking the placement exam (scores are valid for two years):

Standardized Test Scores for Math Placement
ACT Math Score: 22 or higher SAT Math Score: 510 or higher
Smarter Balanced Math Placement Score (SBMPS)
Math 100, 115 Math 103
SBMPS of 3-4 OR 2 with successful completion of 12th grade transitional course B grade or higher SMBPS of 4 OR 3 with successful completion of year Calculus pathway in 12th grade with a combination of Algebra 3, Trig/Analytic Geometry, AP Calculus, AP/IB Calculus with a B or higher
Standardized Test Scores for English Placement
ACT Writing Score: 18 or higher; 17 or lower for English 100T SAT English Score: 510 or higher; 509 or lower for English 100T
AP English Language & Composition Placement Score:
4 or higher
AP English Literature & Composition Placement Score:
3 or higher

 Math and English Placement Scores 

*We are in the process of evaluating NEW SAT scores for placement. Please contact the Test Office (808) 689-2752 for more information.

Taking the Placement test

Placement Retest Form 

The placement tests are administered on the UHWO campus.

Testing Dates

  • Accuplacer is offered Monday - Friday during the Test Center operating hours.
  • Authentic Assessment is offered once a semester.
  • Contact the Test Center to set up your test appointment.

Remote Testing

If you will not be on island, the test office may establish a repost test site for the Accuplacer Math placement test.

The Authentic Assessment is administered at UH-West O'ahu and is not available for remote testing. For more information on Authentic Assessment, contact Dr. Yasmine Romero (yromer@hawaii.edu). To schedule an appointment or set-up a remote Accuplacer Math placement test (additional proctor fees may apply). Call (808) 689-2752 or Email (uhwotest@hawaii.edu) for more information.

You will need:

      1.  A valid photo ID

     2.  A UH Student ID number

     3.  If you have a valid placement score on your UH student record (Math scores are valid for two years and Writing scores do not expire), you will  need the $25 re-test fee for each section you wish to re-take. 

Placement tests are not timed. The average testing time is 45 minutes per test. Make sure to factor in at least 10 - 15 minutes to get registered and seated. You are not required to take all placement tests at the same time.


Research shows that students' scores improve when you practice first! There are many free online resources you may use to prepare for the Accuplacer Math test. 

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There are several different websites and applications students can use to study for the Math Accuplacer test. For more information on testing and resources, refer to the link below. 


We also offer free test prep workshops throughout the summer. Our workshops explain how the placement test works, why it is important, general test taking strategies as well as a hands-on section. You may also take advantage of (2) free tutoring sessions to help prepare for your placement test.

UH Student Testing Information

Request a Test Appointment 

Student Testing Information

A valid photo ID is required to access your exam. Test Appointments are required. There are three different ways you may make an appointment. All tests must be completed 5 minutes prior to closing. No test will be started within the last hour before closing. The Test office is closed on all State and Federal holidays. +Read more

1. Call 689-2752 to set up an appointment.

2.  Email uhwotest@hawaii.edu and include the following:

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Preferred Test Date and Time
  • Course Title and Number (e.g. Math 103, Zool 142L)
  • Instructor's Last name

3. Complete a Test Appointment Request. This form is checked daily. You will receive an email confirming your request appointment or if the time you request is unavailable, you will be provided with the next available appointment date and time. Click on the link below to request an


Information on ADA Accommodations

To secure ADA accommodations, please do the following:

     1. Visit the Student Access web-page at this link

     2. Students must register with the ADA/504 Coordinator, Tom Hirsbrunner, J.D., Phone: (808) 689-2935; Email: hirsbrun@hawaii.edu

     3. View the short ADA accommodations video

     4. Establish your test appointments 1 - 2 weeks in advance 

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The No'eau Center has several resources available to students with ADA accommodations, including:

  • Kurzweil
  • Reader
  • Adjustable Table(s) & Chair(s)
  • Dragon Speech
  • Adjustable Font and Computer Screen Sizes
  • Large Font Keyboard
  • Individual Proctor Room

UH Faculty Testing Information

Faculty Testing Information

Proctor Request Form

Are you a faculty member within the UH system and need a test proctored? Please review this section for more information on the documents needed for the University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu Test Center to proctor your exam, test, or quiz. 

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  • Submit a completed Proctor Request form at least (5) business days prior to the start of the testing window.
  • The Proctor Request Form DOES NOT establish your student's test appointment. Students must make their own test appointment.
  • Discuss exam guidelines with your students. If you allow a student to have access to unauthorized items in the test room such as a personal cell phone or personal computer, you (the instructor) will need to provide a written statement justifying the exception.
  • In order to ensure test integrity, changes or corrections to exams will NOT be made by No'eau staff.
  • A revised test must be submitted. 
  • If an exam is submitted electronically to be printed, the exam document will be printed in it's entirety exactly as submitted. Please delete any answer keys or instructor notes
  • Submit hard copy exams if: a) individual exams are longer than (12) pages; or b) more than (4) exams are being administered
  • If applicable, submit necessary test materials.
  • If your student requires ADA test accommodations, please click on this link for my information. 
  • Students who require accommodations must complete the following steps: 
  • Students must register with the ADA/504 Specialist, Dr. Tom Hirsbrunner, J.D. ((808) 689-2935; hirsbrun@hawaii.edu)
  • View the short ADA accommodations video
  • Establish your test appointments 1 - 2 weeks in advance

The Test Office supports faculty and staff professional development. If you are presenting at or attending an approved professional training the test center may be able to proctor your exam. All in-class proctor requests require at least 14 days advance notice and are subject to proctor availability. Please stop by our office, call (808) 689-2752 or email uhwotest@hawaii.edu.

Non-UH System Policies & Procedures

View Non-UH Proctoring Fee Form

Are you a student from a University needing to take a test on O'ahu? Are you trying to find an official proctor and test site for an employment certification or re-certification? If so, please read the information below. The University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu can proctor tests outside of the UH system.

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  • The standard UH system-wide proctoring fee is $25, per test, per hour. The fee is determined by the time allowed designated in the exam guidelines. (For example, if your instructor designates that a student has 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the exam, the proctoring charge is $50).
  • Proctoring fees are required prior to exam administration. Payment forms are accepted in cash, money order, cashier's check, credit card, and debit card. (Personal Checks must be received (1) month prior to the test date.
  • All payments must be made directly to the UHWO Cashier's Office. The UHWO Cashier's office is open: Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - 3pm.
  • All appointments must be made (2) weeks in advance.
  • Appointments made after the (2) week period are considered RUSH appointments and may not be serviced.
  • Appointments are required & considered tentative until your institution (via your instructor or institution) sends the test materials.
  • It is the student's responsibility to provide their course instructor or institution with the necessary UHWO documents.
  • Paper exams will be emailed.
  • All shipping arrangements and costs must be paid up front by the student or institution.
  • Valid photo ID required (e.g. State Driver License, State Identification Card, Passport).
  • Student must abide by all UHWO Rules and Regulations.
  • ADA accommodations are provided with proper documentation from campus ADA Coordinator.




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